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The Tawa Historian

Newsletter #47 – December 2018


Willowbank Reserve, Tawa, and its Environs

This brief newsletter is just a reminder that the Tawa Historical Society’s latest book, Willowbank Reserve, Tawa, and its environs, is now on sale at the Tawa Library.   We had a simple launch of the book last Thursday (29 November) and the Library now has copies of the book which are available for purchase.   The cost is $20.00 each.

We believe that it would be a fine Christmas present for sons, daughters, and grandchildren who perhaps grew up in Tawa but now are living elsewhere, or for members of Tawa families who are still local residents.   It is essentially a series of stories about Tawa (Flat) figures of days gone by, such as Te Patukawenga; Thomas Robert McCoy; the Greer family; William and Elizabeth Earp, and their grandson William Edward Earp (killed at Gallipoli); the Tawa Flat ‘Deckites’; and James and Rachel Taylor.   The book also brings to notice the famous Tawa Bucket tree; Earp’s orchard; Boscobel Lane and its farmstead; the railway lines through Tawa (Flat) of 1885 and 1937; and Arohata.   The book is illustrated by numerous photographs (some of which are aerial), and some maps produced especially for this publication.   We believe it is very good value for money.

Just for the record, this book is our Society’s 18th publication since 2005 of historical material about Tawa, and we have another two underway at the moment.   These latter books should be published in 2019, giving us 20 publications in 15 years.   We don’t know of another Historical Society in New Zealand which can match that record.

Kind regards, and happy Christmas shopping!!